6 Weeks To Peak

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How do  ‘The Shake Up Plans’ get such amazing transformations in such a short space of time..


Well there really is no secret…


I give information that other trainers wont!


You can get into phenomenal shape while eating the foods you enjoy and exercising in a way that will motivate and test you!

You need 3 things…

  1. A proper personalised training plan to suit you and your goals. (All reps, sets, and exercise tutorials provided)

  2. The correct set of calories/macro-nutrients to guarantee that you lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. (You will be tracking on MyFitnessPal)

  3. Support from your Coach (Weekly Check Ins)

6 Weeks To Peak is based around 6 unique training plans all geared towards becoming fitter, faster, leaner and stronger.


I have developed this plan after years of getting into peak physical condition in 6 weeks. If your aim is to be at your Peak for your chosen Sport or for an upcoming holiday… then this is the protocol that will get you that result.

Most importantly, you will receive the motivation, confidence, and renewed energy that this 1-1 program delivers…


If you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete or even a fitness professional in need of a new lease of life then I would love to have you on board.

Let’s Get results!


Please note that you will need the following for a successful program:

  1. Access to a gym

  2. Experience using weights and gym equipment

  3. Focus, determination and commitment for 6 weeks

Please Note: Online Programs are Not suitable for total beginners, or if you are not experienced using gym equipment (especially barbells and dumbbells)

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